Green Umbrella Technology provides ICT services and support that is different to the usual offerings. Different by recommending and supporting cost-effective but robust ICT solutions, different by applying real innovation to service delivery and support, and different in providing solutions that just "work". Green Umbrella Technology understands the complexity of health care information systems and in particular, the mandated security and privacy requirements. If you are looking for excellence in ICT services, you've found it.

Riwka Hagen Medical Business Services
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Green Umbrella have successfully managed a number of rural practices in the Central Victoria region. They offer a package of consolidated service delivery, including phones, IT and printers included at a cost-effective price. They are solutions driven, professional, client focused and most of all available. If you are looking for a professional IT company with up-to-date knowledge, experience, a strong commitment to customer service and someone that "goes the extra mile" Green Umbrella beats other companies’ hands-down!

Belinda Carra Practice Manager

Our clinic has been utilising IT services from Green Umbrella for a few years, and I can confidently say that our experience has been nothing short of exceptional.

From the moment we engaged with Henry McLaughlin and his team at Green Umbrella, they exhibited a deep understanding of the unique IT needs of medical clinics. Their expertise in integrating and optimising Best Practice electronic medical software enabled our practice to streamline patient management and enhance overall efficiency. They have handled all our software needs in addition to Best Practice with ease.

Dr Umair Masood Neal St Medical Clinic