VoIP Phone Systems

We don’t have to tell you how clunky, inefficient, and expensive traditional phone lines are in today’s digital world. They simply don’t allow sufficient communication capabilities, especially in environments that are heavily data-dependent, like healthcare. On top of that, phone companies still charge exorbitant rates, especially for things like long-distance and roaming. Fortunately, both of these problems and more are solved by a phone system that is powered by the internet instead of traditional lines, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Green Umbrella Technology offers a feature-rich VoIP system, powered by your existing internet connection, that’s compatible with your existing telephones and mobile devices. The higher bandwidth will give you crystal-clear voice communication and allow for advanced features like high-fidelity video conferencing and patient call routing to mobile devices. Green Umbrella will also manage your VoIP system and train your employees in its use. You’ll get a more connected staff, better served patients, and lower operating costs — a win/win/win!