Cybersecurity and Encryption

Hackers and other cybercriminals are an unfortunate reality, but one that we must face. The viruses, worms, trojans, and other malware they employ can damage your systems and reputation, preventing you from giving the care your patients count on. Ransomware and social engineering scams like phishing can cost your practice enormous amounts of money and cripple your operations. Green Umbrella Technology utilises multiple layers of security to detect, deny access to, and if necessary, quarantine cyberthreats before they can wreak havoc on your network. We are always on the lookout for new threats and new ways to stop them to ensure that your practice is always protected.

All businesses need cybersecurity, but Green Umbrella knows that medical centres must go the extra mile and we stand ready to help. Keeping your patient information private is the right thing to do morally as well as financially because failing to do so can result in steep government fines, or worse. When you entrust your cybersecurity to Green Umbrella, we’ll install advanced information security measures like email encryption. You’ll be able to send confidential medical information securely and easily while maintaining compliance with government regulations (which is a critical part of getting RACGP accreditation).