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Maintenance Services

Whether you outsource the management of your IT or handle it yourself, our co-managed IT services allow us to do what we do best so you can do what you do best. We have developed processes that allow routine tasks to be performed remotely at very low rates.

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Data Update


Monthly data updates provide instant access to the most up to date information including MIMS drug information, travel medicine, fee updates and more. Best Practice Software recommends users update their version of Bp Premier with the latest data update. These updates are released monthly, with occasional interim updates.

Our data update service ensures your practice is always current with the latest data update.

This service is FREE

Version Upgrade


Best Practice is continually improving and releasing upgrades of their software. These upgrades contain improvements, additional features, security enhancements and bug fixes. To stay up to date all computers running BP Premier need to be upgraded to the newest version.

In 2019 there were 5 versions of BP Premier released.

Our version upgrade service takes care of this maintenance task allowing you to simply book the upgrade, we do the rest. You can upgrade when you want and as often as you want.

This service can be purchased as either:

  • $25 per computer upgrade.

  • $50 per computer for 12 months of unlimited upgrades.


Frequently Asked Questions


What version of BP Premier am I currently running?

To determine the version and last data update that has been installed: Open Bp Premier > Click the Help menu > Select About > Check Last Drug Update

How are the updates and upgrades performed?

The services are provided via our remote management tool.

Are these updates and upgrades tested?

Yes. All updates & upgrades are provided by Best Practice software.

Do you backup our data first?

No. You are responsible for your backups and ensuring they are tested. Please contact us to discuss our backup and disaster recovery services.

Data Update

How will I know when a data update has been applied?

Once we have applied a data update we will email you.

What if my server is turned off or unavailable when an update is performed?

If a data update cannot be performed our systems will retry for 7 days.

Will the data update impact our system’s performance?

No. Data updates are performed outside of business hours, around 2am.

How do I get started?

Submit your enquiry and we'll get in contact to organise the rest.

Version Upgrade

How will I know when a new version of BP Premier is available?

We will email you so you can plan the upgrade.

When will the upgrade be performed?

When booking an upgrade you select a date and time that suits, 24/7.

How will I know if the upgrade completed successfully?

Upon completion of the upgrade we will email you and advise you of the results.

What if one or more computers are unavailable or unable to be upgraded?

Any computers that are not upgraded will need to be rebooked. We can provide technical support if required.

Can I use BP Premier during an upgrade?

No. All computers to be upgraded need to be powered on and logged out. To avoid interruption upgrades are best scheduled for outside of business hours, around 2am.

How do I get started?

Submit your enquiry and we'll get in contact to organise the rest.

How do I schedule an upgrade?

Upgrades are booked online via our support portal.